Is Space Adventures Sending Customers Around the Moon?

Space Adventures will send tourists around the moon in 2018, Interfax

"The company Space Adventures in 2018 is going to send two space tourists circled the moon on the Russian spacecraft "Soyuz", according to the company's website. "Using the already proven Russian spacecraft flight, we will send two individual and one professional astronaut around the side of the moon. They will be 100 km from the lunar surface. We expect that our first mission will take place in 2018," - said in a statement."

Roscosmos Disavows Plan to Send Space Tourists to Moon, Moscow Times (June 2014)

"Russia's space agency, Roscosmos, will not be involved in a plan to send two space tourists on a flight around the Moon and was not consulted about the project, the federal space agency said. The mission, hatched by U.S.-based space tourism firm Space Adventures and a major Russian spacecraft manufacturer, Energia Rocket and Space Corporation, would see two space tourists travel to the Moon aboard a modified Russian Soyuz spacecraft by 2017. However, Roscosmos was kept out of the loop on the plan."

Roscosmos Says Nyet To Space Adventures' Moon Plan, earlier post

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