The Confusing and Troubling Public Face of "NewSpace"

Keith's note: There are a surprising number of people associated with the so-called "NewSpace" crowd who do not seem to find this sort of reprehensible public behavior on Twitter (see screen grab below) by a semi-prominent blogger/pundit/supporter of their ilk (one regularly accredited as news media) as evidenced at the FAA CST conference this week in Washington, DC - to be in any way objectionable.

Newsflash: Don't be surprised when no one cares what you think.

I have had to block several profane comments. There are a number of comments that condone these comments because they are funny (in their minds). These responses are almost as troubling as the original Twitter post and speak to some strange opinions as to what is considered to be appropriate public behavior. Yet another troubling aspect of some of the adherents of the NewSpace meme. Grow up guys.

Image with Twitter comments after the link.

Keith's update: Well, he finally got around to apologizing

But his orignal insulting tweet is still online - then he decided to make fun of this by tweeting this with a mocking hashtag

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