SpaceX Launch Failure

Keith's note: The Falcon 9 Carrying CRS-7 either exploded or was destroyed shortly after launch a few minutes ago. SpaceX has assembled a team to look into this. NASA has referred to a launch vehicle "failure" and that the last data came down from the vehicle at T+ 2:19. No more news or NASA TV until contingency press conference no earlier than 12:00 pm 12:30 pm 12:50 pm 1:00 pm EDT.

- SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Fails on Launch, SpaceRef

Keith's note: this is Internet rocket analysis and has nothing to do with what actually happened.

Keith's note: This slow motion video from Astronomy Now shows that the Falcon 9 engines seem to be burning well after the explosion - and also that something shaped like a Dragon is seen exiting the cloud. Note: this is Internet rocket analysis and has nothing to do with what actually happened.

Keith's update: SpaceX is working toward a launch of the CRS-7 ISS Resupply mission aboard a Falcon 9 rocket this morning at 10:21 am EDT this morning. If all goes according to plan they will make another attempt to land the first stage on one of their autonomous drone barges.

Keep an eye on @SpaceX and @ElonMusk for post-landing news, pics, videos, jokes, etc. We will be live tweeting at @NASAWatch, @SpaceRef, and @Spacecommerce

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