The Cancelled Ares V Team Has A New Rocket To Sell You

Congress Must Fully Fund the Space Launch System, Roll Call

"The SLS vehicle design materialized from an extensive, unbiased set of NASA technical studies that compared all possible scenarios, with a focus on efficiency and budget constraints. Experts inside and outside of NASA were fully integrated into the decision-making process. Among the factors driving the selection of the 130 metric-ton SLS design were human exploration requirements, the state of propulsion technology, the health and capability of the industrial base and the overall budget outlook."

Keith's note: I had to read this several times. "Unbiased"? Hardly. I guess these guys think that if they say something often enough as an op ed it will become the truth. The SLS design was mandated in law by Congress to use Shuttle and Ares V leftovers so as to preserve jobs. NASA adjusted their plans to this mandate. Everything else was window dressing. To state otherwise is to spread false memories about things that never happened.

- More False Memories About the Origin (and Cost) of SLS, Earlier post

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