Molly Macauley (Update)

Celebration of Life for Molly Macauley Scheduled for July 23 in Baltimore, SpacePolicyOnline

"A celebration of life service for Molly Macauley is planned for July 23, 2016 in Baltimore, MD. Macauley, a highly respected member of the space policy community, was murdered on July 8 while walking her dogs near her home in Baltimore."

Woman dies after being stabbed in Roland Park, Baltimore Sun

"A 59-year-old woman was fatally stabbed in Baltimore's Roland Park neighborhood as she was walking her dogs Friday night, police said. Officers were called to the 600 block of W. University Parkway around 11 p.m. and found the victim, Molly K. Macauley. She was taken to an area hospital, where she died."

Molly K. Macauley, National Academy of Engineering

"Her research emphasizes new technology and its application to natural and environmental resources, including the value of satellite-derived Earth science information and its use in understanding ecological systems and human relationships with these systems, and the value placed by the public on the nation's space activities. Dr. Macauley frequently testifies before Congress and serves on national committees and panels, including the NRC's Committee on Earth Science and Applications from Space ... the science advisory board of the National Oceanic and Space Administration, and NASA's Earth Science Applications Advisory Group. She was selected as a "Rising Star" by the National Space Society, elected to membership in the International Academy of Astronautics, ... has received awards for her work from NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration. ... She was a lead author for NASA on a synthesis and assessment report for the US Climate Change Science Program on use of Earth observations ..."

Molly K. Macauley, Vice President for Research and Senior Fellow, Resources For The Future

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