NASA Headquarters Transition Update - New 9th Floor Faces

Trump Names Former Climate Scientist Erik Noble to NASA Advisory Role, Wired

"Trump named Autry his White House liaison, a role NASA Watch editor Keith Cowing calls "traditional" - and Noble his White House senior advisor at NASA. That's less typical. "Does that mean he's at NASA, or is he just another liason?" Cowing says. "My guess is these guys are two peas in a pod." Which is to say, they'll probably work together to maintain open lines of communication between the space agency and the Oval Office. ... Will these appointees help Trump on his mission to unlock the secrets of space? "Neither of these guys dropped out the sky," Cowing says. "They both know what NASA means, at least." Noble, White House Senior Advisor at NASA

- Political Data Analyst - Trump Data and Voter Outreach Team, Donald J. Trump For President, Inc.
- Adjunct Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Science, The City College of New York
- Scientist, Atmospheric Science, NASA January 2007 December 2013 (7 years) New York, NY
- University of Colorado at Boulder, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Environmental Studies: focus on Atmospheric Sciences Autry, White House Liaison

- Assistant Prof. Clinical Entrepreneurship, USC. Space industry expert. Entrepreneur. Writer.
- Member of the Editorial Board, New Space Journal
- Research Lead, Commercial Space Group, AIAA
- Producer, Death By China - Film
- Senior Economist, Coalition for a Prosperous America

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