Rep. Bridenstine Speaks at FAA Space Commercial Space Conference

As tweeted by @NASAWatch from the FAA Commercial Space Transportation conference in Washington, DC today:

- Bridenstine: talking about Gene Cernan and his dream of sending Americans back to the Moon
- Bridenstine is presenting a laundry list of things China is doing/planning in space that America no longer does.
- Bridenstine: when we started paying Russia for Soyuz seats cost was $21m. Now it is $80m. "We are being gouged"
- Bridenstine: need to strike balance between what govt operates and what it procures
- Bridenstine: space situational awareness should be done by civilian entity no DOD
- Bridenstine wants to see govt models for for procurement augmented by commercial solutions
- Bridenstine: govt needs to plan for commercial systems in architectures
- Bridenstine: value of commercial solutions in space because prices lower due to competition
- Bridenstine: talks about commercial paths to cis-lunar space and surface of the Moon
- Bridenstine: need to update regulatory environment for space industry. FAA AST must be adequately funded.
- Bridenstine: FAA office commercial space has battles within FAA. Reorganization needed. Looking for Trump to elevate office
- Bridnestine: space is both an advantage and an Achilles heel

- Bridenstine: laments fact that DoD provides space debris assessments for Chinese ASAT to China for their space station safety
- Bridenstine: "USAF should not be the FAA of space"
- Bridenstine: FAA AST should be agency responsible for space situational awareness
- Bridenstine: wants clarity among U.S. regulations as to whether commercial efforts can operate in space.
- Bridenstine: companies can get clearer regulatory certainty abroad for space issues than in U.S.
- Briedenstine is clearly setting the stage for a possible Administratorship at @NASA
- Bridenstine: frustrated with #EELV program and @SpaceX vs @ulalaunch arguments
- Bridenstine: I 100% support sending humans to Mars. We need to go to Mars #JourneyToMars
- Bridenstine: "I think that the Moon is a piece of that direction" #JourneyToMars
- Bridenstine: yes we will be reintroducing Space Renassiance Act
- Earlier tweet: I asked Bridenstine if he supported #NASA current #JourneyToMars plans
- Bridenstine: thinks #NASA should go back to the moon - to stay - not just do another flags and footprints
- Bridenstine: Asked if he's going to harmonize bills on space w/ Rep. Babin. Encouraged audience to talk to him. Not there right now
- Bridenstine suggests having more commercial satellites & overlap w/ military makes it harder for China et al to damage capabilities
- Bridenstine rattles off lots of communications specs without blinking or referring to notes. Impressive
- Observation: Bridenstine struts his stuff WRT military, comm space. Can he become equally adept in all areas of interest to #NASA?
- Bridenstine: says that his constituents in Oklahoma get killed by tornadoes. Space assets are essential for forecasting
- Bridenstine: on SLS /Orion - critical to America's pre-eminence in space. I fully support both programs
- Bridenstine: how do we establish and maintain American pre-eminence of space?

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