The National Space Council Is Operating in Stealth Mode (Update)

Keith's 15 Feb note: The National Space Council (NSpC) (established by Presidential Executive Order) is having a big, potentially lavish, meeting at NASA KSC on 21 February in 5 days complete with a SpaceX Falcon Heavy booster on display. The NSpC's Users' Advisory Group (UAG) will also be meeting. The UAG is a FACA (Federal Advisory Committee Act) committee - yet no public announcement has been made in advance of this public meeting in the Federal Register per Federal law pertaining to publicizing standard FACA activities two weeks in advance. Nor has any formal mention been made of the NSpC meeting itself. No location has been announced and no attendance procedures for media or citizens have been announced. NASA and other agencies have issued zero media advisories. Multiple people have been confirmed as being members of the NSpC's Users' Advisory Group - yet none have been named publicly. A large reception sponsored and paid for by the major aerospace organizations and all of the major aerospace companies is planned during the meeting - yet no public mention has been made of this event (you are not invited, BTW). No mention is made on NASA's calendar page. No word yet as to whether this highly-staged event will be televised for taxpayers to observe.

This is your National Space Council operating in stealth mode.

Keith's 16 Feb update: At one point Boeing and Lockheed Martian went to the General Counsel's office at the White House to complain about this party that they were not being invited to. Meanwhile some UAG members are wondering where their meeting will be held since they have not been provided with an address to go to. The entire Florida congressional delegation is expected to attend as well as local and state officials. But no media advisories or agendas have been released by the White House or any of the agencies with representatives on the NSpC. This means that the earliest that something might be released to the public is Monday, 19 February - just two days before the event. No one at the White House seems to be at all bothered by this total lack of transparency.

As Elon Musk antagonized rival, the space industry battled over who will host a cocktail reception for the vice president, Washington Post

"Ahead of the second meeting of the White House's National Space Council in Florida next week, a consortium of upstart entrepreneurial companies known as the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, which includes SpaceX, decided to host a reception for members of the council, who just happen to be some of the most powerful players in Washington. Headed by Vice President Pence, the policymaking council is made up of the secretaries of State, Commerce, Treasury, Transportation and Defense and other top government officials. But when the groups representing some of the more traditional space contractors, such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin, caught wind of the party, they complained to the White House, which agreed that they, too, should host the reception."

Keith's 16 Feb further update: Here is a listing of events for the 20/21 February National Space Council events at the NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. No word on where the UAG will be meeting or if they will simply be part of the overall NSpC event. No agenda for the NSpC event has been released. Nor is any mention made of televising the event on NASA's TV schedule. No mention is made on the NASA Calendar page. Nor is there any mention on the KSC home page.

Reception 20 February
- Parking Lot 4 Opens 5:30 p.m.
- 6:30 p.m. Front Entrance Opens (Guests will walk through the Explore Sign though security screening, proceed to Atlantis Facility for check-in)
- 7:00 p.m. Reception
- 9:30 p.m. Depart Event

National Space Council Meeting 21 February
- 7:00 a.m. Parking Lot 4 Opens, Front Entrance Opens, Go to Debus Conference Facility (Check-in will be inside with a light continental breakfast for guests.)
- 8:15 - 8:45 a.m. Bus Boarding - Lot 1 (Guests will exit Debus Conference Facility and be directed around the building and board KSCVC tour buses to the Space Station Processing Facility (SSPF))
- NOON Depart Event - SSPF (Guests will board KCSVC tour buses back to Parking Lot 4)

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