Jim Bridenstine Is The Next Administrator of NASA

Keith's 19 April update: The vote tally today is 50 to 49. Jim Bridenstine is the next administrator of NASA. Vice President Pence was present in case there was a 50/50 tie. Sen. Flake waited until the last minute to vote yes and then Sen. Duckworth cast the final vote (No) for the day. Sen. McCain was not present for voting today. When/where Bridenstine will be sworn in is not known. But there is extreme interest in having Acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot to hand over the Keys to NASA to Bridenstine before Lightfoot leaves NASA on Friday.

Keith's 18 April update: This afternoon Jim Bridenstine made it through cloture. It was a nail biter for a few minutes when Sen. Flake unexpectedly voted against Bridenstine only to switch his vote a few minutes later (see tweets below). For a while things were tied 49 to 49. Vice President Pence is in Florida so he would not have been able to cast a tie breaker. But that dilemma was resolved when Flake flipped his vote. Bridenstine's confirmation vote is now scheduled for Thursday at 1:45 pm EDT. There could still be some last minute drama, so stay tuned.

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