NASA CIO Can't Even Find Their Own Directives Online

Keith's note: If you go to this NASA CIO page "Security Requirements & Policies" you will see that they list all of their directives and memos but you cannot download any of them since there are no links. Lets focus on the first one on the list: "NPR 1382.1A, NASA Privacy Procedural Requirements, July 10, 2013". If you go to NASA NODIS (NASA Online Directive Information System) and enter the document number the search engine cannot find the document. But if you go to the link 1000-1999 Organization and Administration and search for it manually you can find it. But if you use Google and just cut and paste the title in the search box a link to the document magically appears. So please tell me how much credence you can put on a IT management system or a CIO organization where you cannot even use an official policy policy document search engine to find the documents that governs their own core responsibilities?

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