How SpaceX Is Perplexing NASA

Keith's note: The other day I had someone of senior stature with decades of aerospace engineering experience at NASA ask me which of several pictures of Starship floating around social media were real and which are faked. One image was tweeted by Elon Musk at Boca Chica. Another tweeted pic was a deftly done Photoshop image of what Starship will look like when it is all done in a week or so. The person I spoke with told me that they had a problem separating Photoshop from reality while following your progress.

My response: "This is what happens when rapid prototyping happens in plain sight - in real time. Would NASA ever build a rocketship outside? Would NASA ever build a rocket in a few months - and then fly it - with a live webstream? Why are they photoshopping it? Because they can't wait to see it fly. Do you see people camped outside of SLS assembly sites eagerly awaiting the addition of every little piece? Have I answered your question?"

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