Thursday's Stealth Astrobiology Event At Ames

Keith's 13 Nov note: Last month the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI) tweeted about their mailing list telling people to join. I tried to join only to find out that I was already a member. This list doesn't seem to mail anything. I just stumbled across this Astrobiology event which is happening tomorrow at Ames: "Celebrating the NAI at 20". I never got an email about this. Indeed I am rather certain that NAI has not mailed anything out for months.

If you look at the @NASAAstroBio Twitter account there is no mention whatsoever that this event is happening . But the NAI Twitter account seems to want everyone to know that NASA has an astrobiologist/artist named Aaron at NASA. If you go to there is no mention on the main page. You have to dig down to find it. There is no mention of it on the Ames home page or on the calendar. One would think that a 20th anniversary of the NASA Astrobiology Institute at NASA Ames would be worth a little promotion. This is really baffling. Its almost as if NASA's Astrobiology program simply does not want anyone to know what it is doing.

Keith's 14 Nov update: @NASAAstroBio finally got around to tweeting a link to this event - 2 hours after the event started.

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