Russia Complains About Another Country's Space Policy

Russian space agency says Trump paving way to seize other planets, Reuters

"The Russian space agency, Roscosmos, accused Donald Trump on Tuesday of creating a basis to take over other planets by signing an executive order outlining U.S. policy on commercial mining in space. The executive order, which Roscosmos said damaged the scope for international cooperation in space, was signed on Monday. It said the United States would seek to negotiate "joint statements and bilateral and multilateral arrangements with foreign states regarding safe and sustainable operations for the public and private recovery and use of space resources".

Keith's note: It is somewhat ironic to see a resurgent Russia in search of its former USSR victories in space to complain about agressive expansion into space. The poster from the USSR's heyday in space says "Glory to the conquerors of the universe!" Not exactly subtle intent on the part of USSR/Russia. Just sayin'

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