NASA Space Apps Challenge: An Underutilized Tool For Global Reach

Keith's note: NASA needs to spend a little more time promoting International SpaceApps Challenge than it has done in the past. Given that humans now live in orbit permanently - and have done so for 20 years - you'd think that NASA would be looking for ways to capitalize upon its global brand reach and the inherent soft power opportunity that goes with being a bright light in an otherwise gloomy time here on Planet Earth. Everyone is isolated - globally. This is a chance to connect and utilizing that NASA global brand.

Keith's update: NASA Weekly Update from the Administrator - Sept. 8, 2020

"Shout Out: NASA's International Space Apps Challenge 2020, dubbed the largest global hackathon in the world, will be kicking off its 9th year on Oct. 2-4. The event brings innovators of all ages and backgrounds together to solve some of the world's biggest challenges. NASA employees can share the opportunity with friends and family, or involve kids learning at home in the all-virtual event this year. Teams can choose from space- and Earth-related challenges to challenges focused on history and youth. There's something for everyone!"

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