The NASA CIO OpenNASA Website Has Expired - Further

The NASA CIO OpenNASA Website Has Expired

Keith's update: It has been 3 weeks since this post and not much has changed - except that the page was supposedly updated on 2 April 2021 (but shows a responsible NASA official who retired several years ago). And if you go to the Datanauts link you get a broken link error "Not Found The requested URL /explore/datanauts/ was not found on this server." Typical NASA CIO. When they try to fix things they just end up breaking more things instead.

Keith's 27 March note: The NASA Office of the Chief Information Officer is charged with lots of things and has dabbled over the years in "Open Government" - something that the Obama Administration championed and the Trump people ignored. There is a website called OpenNASA that is supposed to be a focal point for NASA's engagement in Open Government. When you click on the NASA Open Government Plan (the "most recent" report from 2016) you see a CIO who left NASA a year ago. The current CIO seems to have had no interest in revising this activity.

Let's look at the OpenNASA main page. Note that says: "Page Last Updated: Dec. 4, 2019 April 2, 2021 Page Editor: Jason Duley NASA Official: Beth Beck". Beth Beck retired from NASA in 2018. And yet she is listed as the NASA official on virtually all of the OpenNASA pages. Anyone from outside NASA who wants to contact Open NASA is going to have a hard time. As a matter of fact despite, being established to promote openness, this website has no way to contact the page's authors or the NASA CIO. No link or email address or phone number. Nothing. Isn't this a little ironic that the NASA CIO makes it hard to interact with all of this supposed openness? In fact, this site does not even have a link to the NASA CIO organization itself - or even to

But wait there's much more.

Let's look at the top menu items (all pages have "Page Editor: Jason Duley NASA Official: Beth Beck"). So even though she has left NASA nearly 3 years ago she is listed as the responsible NASA official. Unless of course she is not and the CIO folks have not found a replacement. That said some pages still list her as the responsible official even though they were updated several years after her departure. So how do you contact this program? BTW email addresses are not provided for either Beth Beck or Jason Duley.

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