Book Review: Floating in Darkness

Book Review: "Floating in Darkness: A Journey Of Evolution" by Ron Garan

"Ron Garan had to overcome quite a lot to become an astronaut - a passion he had nurtured since childhood. Once he achieved it, space travel had its greatest effects upon him as he returned to Earth, reborn as a humanitarian. I must confess that I tend to be closer friends with those astronauts who see their space travels as the beginning of who they they have become as persons - and not the pinnacle of their life's achievements.

In this endlessly personal memoir of how he came to be a human looking down upon his home from space, Ron Garan gives an unusually frank look as to the optimism, self-doubt, motivations, let downs, and joyous events that somehow conspired to deposit him in orbit. Deeply religious, Garan has a rather cogent context within which to place his life's journey and what purpose has been bestowed upon his life."

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