NASA Advised To Rethink Astronaut Radiation Exposure Limits

Report: NASA Should Update Astronaut Radiation Exposure Limits, Improve Communication of Cancer Risks

"The report recommends that NASA proceed with its proposed single standard dose limit for all astronauts, which is based on "risk of exposure-induced death" (REID) calculations for a 35-year-old female (who is considered most susceptible to radiation-induced cancer risk). Currently, men and women astronauts have different allowable doses of radiation, based on their reported relative susceptibilities to different radiation-induced cancers. This means that women astronauts currently cannot fly as many days in space because they would reach the radiation limit sooner. Applying the same dose limits to all astronauts would create equality of opportunity, but the agency should also consider the trade-offs. A single standard for men and women would mean some astronauts, primarily women, would be subject to greater risk by the time they reach the exposure limit."

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