NASA Has No Idea What To Do About The UAP/UFO Report

Keith's note: I have asked NASA multiple times over the years what their plan is in the eventuality that life - past or present - is discovered off of our planet. Based on previous NASA announcements such as the ALH84001 Mars meteorite, water on Mars in 2000, etc. NASA has never had a plan and as best I can determine it still has no plan. They just keep their heads down and wing it if the spotlight falls on them. Like I said, I have asked for their plan. No one ever provides it.

Just to be clear: I do not think that these UAP/UFO things are from another world. I never have, But I do think that humans are deeply interested in the possibility of life elsewhere - and that they want NASA and other organizations to search for it. This upcoming UFO/UAP report and its findings (or lack thereof) would clearly be the responsibility of NASA's astrobiology program - you know, the people looking for evidence of life elsewhere in the universe. One would think that this would be a teachable moment - about how science works, what the public is interested in, etc. Guess again.

Alas, if you go to the official NASA Astrobiology website at the top five stories on that website include two about cartoons/coloring books, one about a memo written 1.5 years ago, one about a story about hot springs from January 2021, and one about an abstract due date notice from February that lists a April 2021 due date. So, nothing to see there. The obvious place to go next is the main SMD website at This site makes no mention of this impending report. Nor does it even mention "astrobiology", so there seems to be little interest in any of this whole "life in the universe" stuff.

The few questions that have been allowed of NASA personnel are fluff. Off the top of my head this is what I'd be asking:

- Was NASA involved in this UAP/UFO study? If so who was the lead person and what part of NASA do they work in?
- Was NASA involved in the official report's determination that there are/are not signs of extraterrestrial life involved with these UAP/UFOs? If so who participated in this determination from NASA?
- Was there any NASA input in the classified portion of this report?
- If NASA has been studying UAPs/UFOs, how long has NASA been studying the possibility of UAPs/UFOs being of extraterrestrial origin? Does it predate this DOD 2021 report?
- If NASA was involved, how much time and money did NASA spend in participating in this study?
- NASA published an official report out titled "Archaeology, anthropology, and interstellar communication" so has NASA been looking into UAPs/UFOs?
- Do you think that it is possible that these UAP/UFO things come from another world?
- NASA is not supposed to be studying SETI so why is NASA even involved in this UAP/UFO effort since it involves the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence?
- While I am at it, why won't NASA fund SETI research?

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