NASA PAO Silent As ISS Flies Through Russian ASAT Test Debris (Update)

Keith's note: Finally, after a day of not answering media requests, kicking the can down the road, and playing favorites via phone chats with certain friendly news media before saying anything to everyone else, NASA PAO finally released a Russian ASAT statement around 6:00 pm ET. They did so hours after other government agencies made public statements. Sources report that NASA was constrained from responding earlier while the situation was analyzed by the State Department and DOD.

There is a much broader issue here. Why would Russia deliberately blow something up in space such that its space debris knowingly threatened its own citizens and hardware on the ISS? Has the Russian military gone rogue? Or is this saber rattling something that should be considered in the larger context of the Ukraine build up? Stay tuned.

- Russian direct-ascent anti-satellite missile test creates significant, long-lasting space debris, Space Command
- NASA Administrator Statement on Russian ASAT Test, NASA
- Russia Conducts Destructive Anti-Satellite Missile Test, State Department

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