NASA Still Has No Idea What A SLS Launch Will Cost

NASA SLS manager John Honeycutt pushes back against audit,

"I will certainly say that the SLS rocket is not going to come at a cost of $4 billion a shot," Honeycutt told an SLS media briefing at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville."

Keith's note: OK, so John Honeycutt, the NASA SLS manager, is certainly in a position to know what the real cost of a single launch is, right? What manager would not know such a thing about their main product? And if he says that it is "not ... $4 billion" then he is certainly basing this on knowledge of the actual cost, right? Otherwise how would he know that the cost is "not ... $4 billion" unless he knew the real cost, right? If he knows the actual cost then why can't he tell us? Or ... does he (NASA) not know what the cost is and wants to deflect from that fact? Just trying to inject some logic into this. I'd ask PAO but they either ignore me or send me useless sentences that give me a headache.

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