NASA Wants Your Ideas - Or Do They? (Update)

Update: NASA Seeks Comments on Moon to Mars Objectives by June 3, NASA

"NASA has extended the comment period on its Moon to Mars Objectives to 5 p.m. EDT on Friday, June 3. Comments were previously set to close on Tuesday, May 31. While the agency is working on a tight deadline to finalize the objectives this fall, numerous respondents requested additional time to provide higher quality feedback. The agency still intends to invite select participants to its workshops this summer to include the first event in June as originally planned."

Keith's 23 May update: A few more days may help. But still, you'd think that the agency was not interested in rushed ideas - but rather - ideas that the submitters actually had the time to think through and present in the most useful fashion for NASA. Oh well. Its only rocket science, right?

NASA Seeks Input on Moon to Mars Objectives, Comments Due May 31, NASA

"As NASA moves forward with plans to send astronauts to the Moon under Artemis missions to prepare for human exploration of Mars, the agency is calling on U.S. industry, academia, international communities, and other stakeholders to provide input on its deep space exploration objectives. NASA released a draft set of high-level objectives Tuesday, May 17, identifying 50 points falling under four overarching categories of exploration, including transportation and habitation; Moon and Mars infrastructure; operations; and science. Comments are due to the agency by close of business on Tuesday, May 31."

Keith's 17 May note: These to-do 50 items that NASA lists are interesting questions - covering big topics which would require time and thought in terms of the input that people could provide. So what does NASA do? they drop this on the outside world with no advanced notice with only 2 weeks to respond - with a prominent national holiday on the day before comments are due. If NASA was really serious about getting quality input they'd give people more time to think, analyse, and respond.

As such, the real question is whether NASA actually needs help and will consider accepting help from outside the usual suspects within its bubble - or - if they are just going through the motions of asking for input - so as to be seen as being interested - when in fact they are probably not interested in outside input i.e. faux transparency.

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