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Boeing Completes New Spacecraft, Rocket Milestones, NASA

"The Boeing Company of Houston, a NASA Commercial Crew Program (CCP) partner, recently performed wind tunnel testing of its CST-100 spacecraft and integrated launch vehicle, the United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket."

"... Boeing now has completed two of eight performance milestones under CCiCap and is on track to complete all 19 of its milestones around mid-2014."

Amendment to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations: Revision of U.S. Munitions List Category XV and Definition of "Defense Service"

"Revision of Category XV: Public Law 105-261, the Strom Thurmond National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1999, required that space-related items, including all satellites, were to be controlled as defense articles and removed the President's authority to change their jurisdictional status. Section 1248 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010 (Pub. L. 111-84) provided that the Secretaries of Defense and State carry out an assessment of the risks associated with removing satellites and related components from the USML."

Export Administration Regulations (EAR): Control of Spacecraft Systems and Related Items the President Determines No Longer Warrant Control Under the United States Munitions List (USML)

"This proposed rule describes how certain articles the President determines no longer warrant control under United States Munitions List (USML) Category XV--spacecraft and related items--would be controlled on the Commerce Control List (CCL). Such items would be controlled by new Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs) 9A515, 9B515, 9D515, and 9E515 proposed by this rule and existing ECCNs. This is one in a planned series of proposed rules describing how various types of articles the President determines, as part of the Administration's Export Control Reform Initiative, no longer warrant USML control, would be controlled on the CCL and by the EAR. This proposed rule is being published in conjunction with a proposed rule from the Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, which would amend the list of articles controlled by USML Category XV. The revisions proposed in this rule are part of Commerce's retrospective regulatory review plan under EO 13563 completed in August 2011."

NASA Announces Global Best in Class Winners for the International Space Apps Challenge

"A panel of international judges from NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and other partner organizations has selected five "best in class" solutions as winners of the 2013 International Space Apps Challenge. The challenge, in which participants developed software, hardware, data visualization, and mobile or Web applications that contribute to space exploration missions and help improve life on Earth, took place at 83 locations around the world April 20-21."

See also Global Award Winners for the 2013 International Space Apps Challenge for more detail, videos, etc.

WCUI's Psoria-Shield(R) Announces Sales Roll-Out of Psoria-Light(R) to Key Markets

"The device was developed by Mr. Scot Johnson, President and CEO of Psoria-Shield, and his team of engineers who together have developed over 30 FDA-cleared, CE marked devices sold worldwide. The Deep UV LEDs utilized by Psoria-Light were created in parts by DARPA, NASA and the ESA (European Space Agency) for use in space. Psoria-Light's adaptation of them for targeted UV phototherapy has earned it an exclusive distinction from the Space Foundation as a Certified Space Technology ( The light generated by these LEDs has been demonstrated in previous clinical papers to be both more therapeutic and carry fewer side effects than other conventional UV light sources."

Keith's note: Yet another example of a NASA spinoff that NASA either knows nothing about or (if it does) doesn't seem to be interested in telling anyone about. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being poured into NASA's new space tech directorate and they can't even stay on top of the news? In this case, its old news. I did a search at, and at NASA Rech Briefs. None of these searches resulted in any results about this product. Yet Space Foundation has certainly been paying attention. This is a baffling behavior pattern at NASA given that this is one case where there are potential benefits to a large number of taxpayers (patients).

- Another NASA Technology Data Dump No One Will Know About

Earlier posts

FAA Reentry License to Lockheed Martin Corp. for Reentry of Orion MPCV From Earth Orbit to a Location in the Pacific

"In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, as amended (NEPA; 42 United States Code 4321 et seq.), Council on Environmental Quality NEPA implementing regulations (40 Code of Federal Regulations parts 1500 to 1508), and FAA Order 1050.1E, Change 1, Environmental Impacts: Policies and Procedures, the FAA is announcing the availability of the ROD to issue a reentry license to Lockheed Martin Corporation for the reentry of the Orion MPCV from Earth orbit to a location in the Pacific Ocean."

FAA: Human Space Flight Requirements for Crew and Space Flight Participants

"The FAA has established requirements for human space flight of crew and space flight participants as required by the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004. The information collected is used by the FAA, a licensee or permittee, a space flight participant, or a crew member. The FAA uses the information related to public safety to ensure that a launch or reentry operation involving a human on board a vehicle will meet the risk criteria and requirements with regard to ensuring public safety."

Keith's note: NASA just loves to tell everyone about its spinoffs, commercial applications, tech transfer, and the ways that the private sector uses things developed at NASA. As such, you'd think that they'd tell people as soon as they learn of yet another spinoff or tech transfer opportunity. Not at all. NASA's Patent Counsel, Office of the Chief Counsel sits on these things and issues them all at once in one big batch via the Federal Register.

Have a look at what they dumped into the Federal Register for 20 May 2013 (below). How long has some of this stuff gathered dust in someone's in box waiting for a stamp of approval? NASA now has hundreds of millions of dollars proposed for the Space Technology Mission Directorate. Maybe they can speed this process up a bit? Is there going to be any mention at their home page? Doubtful. At NASA Tech Briefs Doubtful. I forget: what is it that they do anyway?. Do the Space Tech guys ever tweet about these notices? Send out a newsletter? An email?

Several of these notices make mention of (NASA Technology Transfer Portal) the vast majority of these notices do not even bother to mention a link to NASA. This portal makes no mention of these Federal Register notices. doesn't mention things such as these Federal Register notices either. And the Langley -hosted Technology Gateway is totally out of date in addition to making no mention of things like this. Of course, it is also confusing to have so many places at purporting to do the same thing - but that is standard procedure at NASA.

- Uncoordinated Technology Transfer at NASA, earlier post
- Dysfunctional Technology Efforts at Langley (Update), earlier post
- More Stealth NASA Spinoffs (2nd Update), earlier post
- Stealth NASA Spinoff Day on the Hill

Keith's note: Federal Register Notice postings below:

Prepared Statement by Wayne Hale

"Poised on the cusp of these new systems, we run the risk of being penny wise and pound foolish as we make the same mistake that doomed the space shuttle to much higher cost operations: starving a spacecraft development program in the name of saving a few pennies for today's budget bottom line resulting in the compromised systems that, if they fly at all, will not be cheap enough to enable business in space."

- Prepared Statement by Steven Collicott
- Prepared Statement by Patti Grace Smith
- Prepared Statement by Michael Lopez-Alegria

Internal NASA GSFC memo: "Congress just passed a law that bars NASA, National Science Foundation, Department of Commerce, and Department of Justice from buying IT systems that have been "produced, manufactured or assembled" by companies "owned, operated or subsidized" in any way by the Chinese. The only exceptions to this rule are for hardware that is deemed to be in the interests of national security, or if the FBI decides that a component's acquisition does not carry any risk of "cyber-espionage or sabotage." While Goddard is working out processes to handle this legislation, the direction from Goddard's Chief Information Officer is that no IT products shall be purchased at this time, via P-card of any other mechanism. This applies to hardware, software and maintenance, and to both civil servant and contractor purchases."

4 agencies get new rules on China IT sourcing, FCW

"Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.), chairman of the Appropriations Committee's Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies Subcommittee, inserted a version of the measure in an appropriations bill for fiscal 2013 drafted last year. It was subsequently added to the Senate's version of the continuing resolution that covered full appropriations for several agencies, including Commerce, Justice, NASA and NSF."

Keith's note: This applies across the agency. There are Lenovo ThinkPad laptops on the ISS. Lenovo is owned by Chinese business interests. And these ThinkPads can't be replaced by Mac laptops or iPads because most (nearly all) of them are assembled in China. Larger image

150,000 cloud virtual machines will help solve mysteries of the Universe, Ars Technica

"OpenStack pools compute, storage, and networking equipment together, allowing all of a data center's resources to be managed and provisioned from a single point. Scientists will be able to request whatever amount of CPU, memory, and storage space they need. They will also be able to get a virtual machine with the requested amounts within 15 minutes. CERN runs OpenStack on top of Scientific Linux and uses it in combination with Puppet IT automation software."

NASA CIO Dumps NASA-Developed Open Stack

"Ray O'Brien, acting CIO at NASA Ames, when asked May 30 by InformationWeek about NASA's participation, used diplomatic language to say that NASA still endorsed the project, was proud of its founding role, and might be a user of OpenStack components in the future. "It is very possible that NASA could leverage OpenStack as a customer in the future," he wrote in his email response. ..."

USAF, SpaceX Close To Agreement On Launch Certification Plan, Aviation Week

"Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and the U.S. Air Force are "days away" from agreeing on the details of a certification plan that would enable the private company to compete for national security payload launch contracts with the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy."

Will competing plans hurt nation's future in space?, Florida Today

"But Commercial Crew has been a tough sell, politically. Lawmakers reluctantly have provided enough money for it to limp along, but not nearly enough to meet some of the ambitious deadlines the Obama administration originally set. And they question whether aerospace companies are being given too much flexibility in developing a new vehicle to carry U.S. astronauts to the space station."

Boeing Buyouts

Boeing offers voluntary buyouts to employees in its space division, LA Times

"Boeing Co.'s sprawling satellite-making operation in Southern California has just concluded a round of voluntary buyouts in an effort to slash its workforce by 250 to 300 employees. The Chicago-based company said the reduction in its 5,500-employee workforce is necessary because of changes in the way it designs and builds satellites -- not because of a lack of orders or cutbacks in federal spending."

Continued Sequestration Will Short-Circuit SLS, Aviation Week

"Mikulski and Shelby consider that budget request inadequate, particularly in the funding for the heavy-lift Space Launch System (SLS) that is intended to take humans beyond low Earth orbit. NASA wants $820 million to keep at least two competitors in the running for a commercial route to the International Space Station, but many lawmakers would like to see $300 million of that transferred into the $1.385 billion SLS request for fiscal 2014."

NASA Awards Contract to Modify Mobile Launcher

"NASA has awarded a contract to J.P. Donovan Construction Inc. of Rockledge, Fla., to modify the mobile launcher that will enable the agency's Space Launch System (SLS) heavy-lift rocket to send humans to an asteroid, Mars and other new destinations in the solar system. The work under this firm fixed-price $20.7 million contract will begin in June and be completed in 18 months."

- NASA KSC Solicitation: Construction of Constellation Crew Launch Vehicle Mobile Launcher (2007)
- NASA Awards Contract for Ares I Mobile Launcher (2008)
- Space Shuttle Program Hands over Launch Platform to Constellation (2009)
- NASA OIG: NASA's Plans to Modify the Ares I Mobile Launcher in Support of the Space Launch System (2012)

Governor Martinez Announces New Spaceport America Tenant SpaceX to Flight Test Reusable Rocket "Grasshopper"

"Governor Susana Martinez today announced that Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, or SpaceX, has signed a three-year agreement to lease land and facilities at Spaceport America to conduct the next phase of flight testing for its reusable rocket program. The company will be a new tenant at Spaceport America, the state-owned commercial launch site located in southern New Mexico."

Elon Musk's SpaceX signs lease at NM spaceport, AP

"Spaceport America Executive Director Christine Anderson said the Grasshopper project is moving from McGregor, Texas, to New Mexico because the rocket needs to be tested at higher altitudes. The reusable rocket could revolutionize the commercial space industry by greatly reducing costs, she said. Traditional rockets burn up on re-entry."

Boeing X-51A WaveRider Sets Record with Successful 4th Flight

"A Boeing X-51A WaveRider unmanned hypersonic vehicle achieved the longest air-breathing, scramjet-powered hypersonic flight in history May 1, flying for three and a half minutes on scramjet power at a top speed of Mach 5.1. The vehicle flew for a total time of more than six minutes. The flight was the fourth X-51A test flight completed for the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. It exceeded the previous record set by the program in 2010."



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