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space as a campaign issue?

26 December 2003: Bush Advisers, With Eye on Dean, Formulate '04 Plans, NY Times

"As a result, the White House is considering using the State of the Union address to propose a big new national goal that would not be partisan or ideological and would help rally the country behind Mr. Bush's leadership, an outside adviser to the administration said. The possibilities floated by the White House include a major initiative for the space program or an ambitious health care goal like increasing life expectancies."

21 December 2003: Space must be a global frontier, OpEd, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Twenty years from now we can imagine a team of astronauts planting the flags of many nations on a distant surface, an iconic reflection of Neil Armstrong's giant leap for mankind. We should embrace this prospect."

Clark: no moon fan

15 December 2003: Clark brings anti-war campaign to state, The Tennessean

During his campaign speech, Clark made indirect reference to reports that Bush plans to return U.S. astronauts to the moon. ''I see a country that can produce great scientists and engineers,'' Clark told the crowd. ''We've already been to the moon. We did it.'' Afterward, he told reporters, ''We need to get America pointed into the future on the things that represent the future in this country.''



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