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If this isn't a head up for a RIF then I don't know what one would look like.

NASA Headquarters,
Acquisition Division,
Washington, DC 20546
Attn:CWA/Karen H. Stepka

R -- OUTPLACEMENT/HEADHUNTER SERVICES FOR NASA HEADQUARTERS SOL W-D-14715 DUE 042496 POC Karen H. Stepka tel: 202/358-0395/Karen McDonald, 202/358-0402

NASA intends to issue a RFO (Request for Offer) for services to provide headhunter and outplacement services for NASA Headquarters employees with the goal of finding them employment in the private/non-profit sector by the first quarter of Fiscal Year 1998.

This is a competitive, small business set-aside. The applicable SIC code is 7361; the applicable small business size standard is $3.5 million average annual revenue over three years. NASA intends to issue a draft RFO on or about 5 April 1996; comments will be requested on the draft solicitation by 24 April 1996. A one-year, with a one-year option, firm fixed price/indefinite delivery hybrid type contract is contemplated as a result of this solicitation. The contractor will be required to provide the following: (a) solicitation/collection of resumes from NASA employees, (b) individual resume counseling services, (c) aggressive marketing of resumes by job and skill set group to outside employers, (d) arranging for interviews, and (e) placement of employees in jobs. An indefinite delivery line item will be established to order additional outplacement counseling and training services. All requests for information and the solicitation should be in writing. No telephone calls will be accepted.

All prospective bidders are strongly encouraged to use Internet to respond. The solicitation will be posted over the Internet; the document will be in ASCII format and reside on a World-Wide-Web (WWW) server, which may be accessed using client browsers such as MOSAIC. The WWW address, or URL, of the Headquarters Acquisition Division home page is:

Address requests for the draft RFO to: Karen Stepka, or in writing to NASA HQ, Acquisition Division, Code CWA, Attn: Karen Stepka, Washington, DC 20546 - FAX # (202)358-3899.



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