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White House Weighs In On Biden/Trump Space Policy Overlaps

By Keith Cowing
March 31, 2021
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White House Weighs In On Biden/Trump Space Policy Overlaps

Keith’s note: During the daily White House press briefing today space made the news again:
Kristin Fisher (Fox): “You know the Biden administration – they just announced its intention to retain the National Space Council – and this is on top of the White House voicing its support for the Space Force and NASA’s Artemis program. I mean – these are three programs or policies that President Trump and the Trump administration put in place. So – would it be fair to say that space – and space policy – is one of the few areas where President Biden actually agrees with his predecessor?””
Jen Psaki: “I think that sounds accurate to me. Look – I think the President believes that the National Space Council provides an opportunity to generate national space policy strategies, synchronize on America’s space activities at a time of unprecedented activity. It’s also an opportunity to generate by America’s own activities in space. So – it’s certainly a program — or a council – I should say — he is excited to keep in place and one – I think it’s fair to say – he agrees with the past administration’s maintaining the program.”

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