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SLS and Orion

Update: What Really Crashed In The Desert

By Keith Cowing
February 25, 2010
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Details of Constellation Program Parachute Test Emerge
“On 9 February 2010 NASA conducted a test to validate an approach that would be used to test the parachutes for the Orion spacecraft. That test did not go according to plan. However, contrary to earlier stories and rumors, a mock up of an Orion spacecraft did not crash into the desert. Rather a large test sledge did. During this test, an extraction parachute pulled a test assembly designed to simulate the drag and weight of Orion from a C-130 aircraft. The test was conducted at an altitude of 20,500 feet above the Army’s Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona. The test assembly consists of a weight tub and platform. Something went wrong, the parachutes did not open, and the test assembly crashed on impact.”
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Keith’s note: Of course NASA ESMD PAO hasn’t said a thing about this. C’mon Morrie – can’t you get these guys to be a little more “open and transparent”?

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