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Can't We All Just Get Along?

By Keith Cowing
October 11, 2004

11 October 2004: When good legislation goes bad, The Space Review

8 October 2004: House Passes Bill Extending Protection for Satellite Launches

“The indemnification provisions in H.R. 5245 were originally part of a larger bill, H.R. 3752, to make additional changes to the Commercial Space Launch Act. H.R. 3752 would have set up a new regulatory regime for private human space flight. The House and Senate are continuing to negotiate a compromise version of that bill.”

7 October 2004: Suborbital legislation suddenly sinks, MSNBC

“Just days after SpaceShipOne’s prize-winning flight opened the world’s eyes to the prospect for private spaceflight, legislation that might have opened the way for paying passengers to get on board has sunk into a congressional black hole – at the urging of space entrepreneurs who were once its biggest supporters.”

HR 3752

6 October 2004: [Staff Working Draft] H.R. 3752, 108TH Congress, 2D Session Purpose: To amend chapter 701 of title 49, United States Code, with respect to suborbital commercial space flight.

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