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Scott Parazynski Joins Wyle

By Keith Cowing
March 20, 2009

Veteran Astronaut Scott Parazynski Joins Wyle Business Development Staff in Houston
“A former astronaut and veteran of five space shuttle flights has been named a director of business development for Wyle’s Integrated Science and Engineering Group based in Houston, Texas. Dr. Scott Parazynski joins Wyle to assist in the company’s continued growth and diversification providing integrated science, engineering, and human health and performance services to the Federal Government. He will also assume the role of medical director for Wyle’s Antarctic operations including support of the National Science Foundation’s United States Antarctic Program. Wyle is competing for this program as a team member of Antarctic Research Support (ARS), a joint venture between CSC and EG&G.”
Scott Parazynski: Everest Part Deux, in 3-D
Editor’s note: You can follow Scott’s climb at and on Twitter at SPOTScott

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