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Earth Science

Earth Observation Satellite Cuts Examined

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
January 16, 2007

Researchers lay out wish list for Earth-observing satellites, Natuire

“The number of earth-observing missions could drop by a third between 2006 and 2010, if funding continues at expected levels. The loss of existing capabilities would leave scientists without data to feed models of climate change perhaps leaving us unprepared to face future climate shifts.”

House Science and Technology Committee Chairman Reacts to National Academies’ Earth Science and Applications Assessment

“At a time when accurate weather forecasting and climate research is becoming increasingly important to the well-being of our citizens, this distinguished panel of experts is warning in no uncertain terms that ‘the United States’ extraordinary foundation of global observations is at great risk.'”

Report Calls for Renewed National Commitment to Space-Based Earth, NAS

Scientists Warn of Fewer Studies From Space, NY Times

“The nation’s ability to track retreating polar ice and shifting patterns of drought, rainfall and other environmental changes is being put “at great risk” by faltering efforts to replace aging satellite-borne sensors, a panel convened by the country’s leading scientific advisory group said.”

NOAA satellites help save 272 people in 2006, NOAA

“NOAA satellites helped save 272 people from potentially life-jeopardizing emergencies throughout the United States and its surrounding waters in 2006 — up from 222 the previous year.”

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