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Griffin Explains Budget Cuts At Purdue

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
March 29, 2007

Chief says NASA, space need funding, Journal and Courier

“Griffin wants NASA to be thought of in the same manner as the Navy, Air Force and other government units. “We don’t debate if we will have a Navy,” he said. “But every year we always seem to debate if we will have a space program.”

NASA Cuts Funding to Purdue, WISH

“I have to make a choice between putting people into space or having the ability to put people into space or supporting them in a better means when they are in space. To do the second prior to the first seems to me to be logically bankrupt,” Griffin said. Purdue is experiencing the funding cut first hand. Purdue’s NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training in Advanced Life Support will close at the end of this year.”

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