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Election 2004

Now That The Election Is Over

By Keith Cowing
November 8, 2004

7 November 2004: Bush re-election likely to boost NASA, Huntsville Times

“The space policy was introduced not even a year ago and support was lagging from the start. Nobody (in Congress) really embraced it at first,” [NASA Watch editor Keith] Cowing said. Now dates will be put with goals, he added. U.S. Rep. Bud Cramer, D-Huntsville, predicted it still will not be an easy ride for Bush’s plan because members of both parties question giving a priority to space exploration in times of war and social needs. “There’s not been a lot of support for it” on Capitol Hill. “There are members who support part of the plan but not all of it,” Cramer said during a meeting at The Times in late October. “Where it will go after the election” depends on budget priorities and the war.”

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