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Earthbound Astronaut Stands Up – And NASA Ignores Her

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
May 18, 2006

Sleeping on the Job – The life and times of a human guinea pig, Seed Magazine

“The 21-year-old former cashier and bank temp is part of NASA’s “bedrest study” – her only duty for the last three months has been to lay horizontal so that her feet never fall below her head. By lying in this position and not supporting her own weight, Erin Peterson’s body has experienced similar symptoms to what a body undergoes while weightless.”

post bedrest day 2, Erin Peterson

“yes! i’m still alive! standing up hurts like a bitch, but i love being semi-independent again. sorry for the short post, i just wanted to let everyone know that i’m doing well and i’ll be back to blogging. i’m waiting for the hotel car right now to take me over for a full day of strength testing, MRIs and the works. but i’m doing alright, and i’ve got about 50 million pictures coming soon.

i made it!”

gone to earth, Erin Peterson

“CNN called, they saw your blog through NASAwatch, and they want to interview you.” jaw, meet floor. “i passed them on to natalie [in media relations] and you should be hearing from her soon.”

Editor’s note: A young woman takes 3 months out of her life to live in a hospital – lying down and hung from cables – to help NASA understand the risks astronauts will encounter during long term space missions. NASA PAO’s response? Nothing. Yet she appeared – live – on CNN. How? NASA Watch – Not NASA PAO – the way it should have happened. Then, the NEEMO Crew sends greetings and a photo to Erin from their underwater habitat. How? NASA Watch again.

At a time when NASA seeks new ways to engage the public as to the value of space exploration and train the next generation of space explorers, to ignore the efforts of role models such as Erin Peterson borders on total incompetence. NASA Watch should not have to be doing NASA PAO’s job.

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