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New Space Advocacy Website Launched

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
December 8, 2006

Coalition for Space Exploration Launches Space Advocacy Web Site

“The Coalition for Space Exploration today launched a new space advocacy Web site, which can be found online at”

Editor’s note: Included in this press release is a link to the Coalition’s website. Alas, when you go there you see that there is nothing online. It is “under construction”. Yet this version of the Coalition’s website is still online with all of the old, outdated information. [update: the coalition finally got the hint and shut this website off.] I am not sure which is worse in terms of presenting a public face to people and wanting them to take you seriously: putting out a press release about a new website you have launched while taking your current one offline (so as to prevent people from learning who you are) or leaving the old one online so that people see how infrequently you update your websites. Alas, the Coalition has managed to do both!

Perhaps if the Coalition took some of the money they spend on lavish receptions for inside the beltway types (they held one in Houston this week) and spent the money on a solid webmaster instead, they’d be able to have a crisp, coherent, and up to date message out there for people to hear.

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