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Why Is NASA So Shy About Promoting The New White House Space Policy?

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
October 22, 2006

Flexing Our Muscles in Space, editorial, NY Times

“The Bush administration has adopted a jingoistic and downright belligerent tone toward space operations. In a new “national space policy” posted without fanfare on an obscure government Web site, and in recent speeches, it has signaled its determination to be pre-eminent in space – as it is in air power and sea power – while opposing any treaties that might curtail any American action there.”

Editor’s note: If you go to this page on you will see this notice: “U.S. National Space Policy – PDF of the U.S. National Space Policy, released Oct. 6, 2006. (This link downloads the document from the Office of Science and Technology Policy Web site. NASA cannot warrant its permanent availability.)”. Why can’t NASA post this policy on its own website? It has been two weeks. Why haven’t they issued a press release to let people know that this new policy exists and where to read it?

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