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Looking for Original ISEE-3 Telemetry Tapes, Documents

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
April 19, 2014
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Keith’s update: We REALLY Need this document: GSFC Document ISEE-733-74-001, Revision C, dated 28 June1976 “International Sun-Earth Explorer – A/C, Electrical Interface Specification”.  Does anyone have a copy?
Keith’s note: We have had multiple folks ask if we have any received data telemetry tapes from ISEE-3 or the others in the series (ISEE-1 or ISEE-2). If anyone has any of these tapes it would be incredibly useful as we could then feed them into our software radio program. We have the ability to read a lot of different formats as that is what we have been doing with the Lunar Orbiter and the Nimbus data recovery efforts. If anyone has them squirreled away in boxes anywhere it would be great to know about. Send an email to wingod – at – if you have any information on possible tapes.
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  1. Denniswingo says:

    We REALLY Need this document

    GSFC Document ISEE-733-74-001, Revision C, dated 28 June

    1976 and entitled “International Sun-Earth Explorer – A/C, Electrical

    Interface Specification.