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Computer Virus Discovered on ISS

By Keith Cowing
August 26, 2008

NASA Discovers Computer Virus Aboard the International Space Station

Reader note: This information was discussed at the ISS 30P SORR last week:

Special Topic on Virus detected onboard

– W32.Gammima.AG worm. This is a level 0 gaming virus intended to gather personal information.
– Virus was never a threat to any of the computers used for cmd and cntl and no adverse effect on ISS Ops.”

Virus Infects Space Station Laptops (Again), Wired

“NASA declined to name the virus, but, which broke the story, reported that the worm was W32.Gammima.AG worm — a worm first detected in August 2007 that installs software that steals credentials for online games.”

Space Station computer infected, Houston Chronicle

“A laptop computer aboad the international space station detected a virus with a low level threat late last month, NASA acknowledged Tuesday.”

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