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Book Reviews

New Moon RIsing Book Reviews

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
October 5, 2004

5 October 2004: Book Review: New Moon Rising, Universe Today

“As the authors say in New Moon Rising , NASA needed and obtained a new space vision to direct its efforts. The authors provide a detailed and broad overview of the very large supporting cast that contributed to the vision that was initiated with President Bush’s speech early in the year 2004. Now, in the authors viewpoint, NASA and its new administrator, Sean O’Keefe, have what they need to ensure this vision becomes reality.”

21 September 2004: New Moon Rising Book Review, Air & Space magazine (not online)

“… New Moon Rising does provide the first inside account of how the new space exploration strategy was developed. It is likely to remain the only detailed report on this subject for many years to come and cannot be ignored.”

19 September 2004: Book details restructuring of space goals (New Moon Rising Book Review), Huntsville Times

“… skim between the anecdotes and data and you will gain a good feel for some of the personalities at work in space policy. The authors communicate well the excitement the new vision brings, and the extent of the transformations already under way at NASA.”

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