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Charity Auction: John Glenn, Tour Guide

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
May 1, 2008

“Dear Nasawatch: The Robert F. Kennedy Memorial is proud to be auctioning off a tour of the National Air and Space Museum with Senator John Glenn for four people. Senator Glenn will be your personal escort to the amazingly small Friendship 7, which he rode to glory as the first American to have orbited the earth. Check out

He will guide you around the incredible Air and Space Museum on the National Mall in Washington DC. You’ll be right next to many of the other legends of flight, too, the mechanical ones; from Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis, to the X-1, which finally broke the speed of sound, and on to spacecraft that have gone to the moon and back.

You can talk shop about his experiences, the current space program, his views on today’s NASA and more.

We’re also offering a walk on role with Johnny Depp in the thriller about J. Edgar Hoover’s hunt for John Dillenger, PUBLIC ENEMIES ($32,000), the tennis lesson with Andre Agassi ($57,500), meeting Owen Wilson at the premiere of MARLEY AND ME ($1,800), tea with former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan ($11,000), and all the lunches, set visits, and more with the likes of Chris Matthews ($2,550), Tim Russert ($1,550), Joe Scarborough ($3,050), Larry King ($1,300), Tom Brokaw ($4,500), Tom Friedman ($1,252), and other DC political news heavyweights.

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