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More Hypocrisy From The National Press Club

By Keith Cowing
October 24, 2011
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Keith’s note: Just saw this posted on Twitter by the National Press Club (NPC): “Watch today’s #NPCLunch with @HarveyLevinTMZ live at 1pm on See the webcast live here –”. I find it rather hilarious how the esteemed National Press Club hosts the guy who runs a Hollywood gossip website/TV show but refuses to allow long-time space media reps (me and others) to cover their space-related events without possession of a plastic laminated badge.
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“The NPC is supposed to be promoting journalism and news coverage – yet they put a barrier between media who cover their events by requiring all questions be submitted in advance. In addition, they pick and chose as to what media allowed to “cover” the event based on whether or not they have some sort of laminated name tag (they are not exactly clear on where you get these tags). And those who do not meet their criteria have to pay money to have access to the government official who is speaking.”
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