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NASA HQ "Heads Up" Public Access: Continued

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
June 6, 2005

Editor’s note: On 27 May I posted a note regarding the fact that NASA HQ Heads Up is no longer available to the public after nearly a decade of being accessible online. After posting that note I sent an email to Joe Davis, NASA’s Strategic Communications Director as why this action had been taken . No response. I sent a second request today to Davis and this time cc:ed Dean Acosta, Acting PAO AA. I got a prompt reply back from Dean a few hours later:

“Keith, I’m sorry. I thought this question was already answered for you. NASA is migrating to an intranet infrastructure and will be moving many internal communication documents — which are designed for use by agency employees — from public web sites to the internal web services. Keeping internal communications internal is not exclusive to NASA and creates other opportunities for more effective internal sharing of data. Most agencies and private industry do not open internal communications to the general public. I hope this answers your question.”

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