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New $150 Million Building Program At GRC. GRC Response: Yawn

By Keith Cowing
September 12, 2007

Reader note: “I read your site almost everyday. I am a former NASA employee and enjoy reading the real news about NASA. Well, yesterday here in Cleveland I heard that Glenn Research Center was announcing a massive rebuilding program. The short announcement that I read didn’t say which buildings were going to be replaced. Double checked your site and you didn’t have any links so I went to the Glenn home page. You would think that getting approval for $150 million would make their news page and they would give as much details as one could possibly want. No, all that is there, even today, is an announcement of the press meeting.

Another example of NASA’s inability to use all their resources to communicate with the public.

URL with the brief news that lead me to search for more:

URL of the meeting announcement:

URL of the local paper with far more information:

Reader note: “I share the reader’s compliments on your site, but disagree with his/her complaint about newsworthy items. When building construction becomes newsworthy at NASA, we have a real problem. It’s a national space program, not a local jobs and construction program. Drawing the public’s attention to the latter takes it away from the former. Two cents from another former NASA employee.”

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