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O'Keefe to Depart NASA

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
December 13, 2004

11 December 2004: NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe to Depart Soon, SpaceRef

“Sean O’Keefe will step down as NASA Administrator.”

Editor’s note: The White House will release O’Keefe’s formal letter of resignation as early as Monday but no later than Tuesday. As to when O’Keefe will speak publicly, given that LSU will make its decision on chosing a new Chancellor on Thursday, it is all but certain, according to NASA sources, that O’Keefe will give an all hands speech to the agency on Friday.

13 December 2004: NASA’s O’Keefe to leave, Orlando Sentinel

“White House press secretary Scott McClellan said today that O’Keefe had indicated that he plans to resign. President Bush has not yet received a resignation letter from O’Keefe, White House spokesman Taylor Gross said.”

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