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Personnel Moves on the 9th Floor

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
April 22, 2005

Editor’s update: 22 April: NASA Internal Memo: Enterprise Council (EC) ViTS 19 April 2005 (Agency’s Weekly Meeting with NASA Senior Managers)

“- He is establishing an “Associate Administrator” position that will be responsible for day-to-day activities of the Agency. He and Fred Gregory (who will remain the Deputy Administrator) will focus their efforts on the external needs of the Agency, and the new position will focus on the internal needs. The position will be competed, and he does not have anyone in mind for this role. Courtney Stadd will act in that role until a permanent incumbent is named.”

Editor’s update: 21 April: Courtney Stadd now has a mail code/room location (9F44 – the Administrator’s suite) and a phone number (202 358-1808). It would certainly seem like Stadd is working within NASA Headquarters – which is exactly what many people have been reporting. Curiously, no one has made any announcement to that effect.

Earlier post about Stadd moving (back) to NASA.

Editor’s note: 17 April: Former House Science Committee staffer Chris Shank will start at NASA HQ on Monday working directly for Mike Griffin on the 9th floor. Word has it that Scott Pace, Liam Sarsfield, Jim Frelk (all ex-RAND alums) are moving up to the 9th floor – and that Courtney Stadd (who also consults for Bigelow Aerospace) may also come on board as a consultant to NASA – also on the 9th floor. His role would similar to the one he held under Dan Goldin: if not chief of staff, then at least something like that as the most senior advisor to Mike Griffin. The probability that Stadd will play some role seems rather high given that he has already been assigned a email address [omitted here to save him from spam] – one listed as “Organization: A, Employer: NASA uniqueIdentifier: HQ009859”. Meanwhile, John Schumacher and Mary Kicza are moving off of the 9th floor. The reason given was rather straightforward: that more office space was needed for Mike Griffin’s incoming staff

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