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Pick A New Slogan for NASA – UPDATE

By Keith Cowing
September 8, 2007

Write and Vote on a Better Slogan for NASA, Wired (Update)

“We were so happily overwhelmed by your initial response to our blogger Loretta Hidalgo Whiteside’s call for a new NASA slogan, that we decided to create a proper voting tool.”

Can You Write a Better Slogan for NASA?, Wired

“In early August, NASA internally released its latest marketing campaign, designed to show its relevance and value to the American people. Its new slogan? “NASA explores for answers that power our future.” The campaign now seems to be aborted, but it did get me thinking, could we do any better? I am no marketing genius, but I think that we could. I mean North Face’s has much more zing, “Never Stop Exploring.” Even Dow Chemicals did better, “The Human Element.” … For reference, the previous NASA slogan, under the previous Administrator (new Administrator, new slogan) was “Explore, Discover, Understand.” Although it seemed a little dry at the time, it now seems light years ahead. It at least it honored the ‘under four words’ rule (ok there is not really an under four words rule).

Editor’s note: I guess I am not the only one who thinks that NASA’s Strategic Communications activities need a little more creativity. Please visit this link and read the rest of Loretta’s ideas – and enter the Wired slogan contest!

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