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Space Reporting Snobbery

By Keith Cowing
March 30, 2009

The last one out can turn off the lights…, Opinion, Dwayne Day Space Review
“There are other reasons why professional space reporting remains important. Professional media can pay to send reporters to get the story, or pay a reporter to operate in places–Houston, Cape Canaveral–where the stories are generated. Yes, the space blogosphere can operate from anywhere, but people won’t do certain things, like call up sources or knock on office doors on a weekday, unless they’re getting paid.”
Editor’s note: While Dwayne (on the staff of the NRC Space Studies Board) makes some valid points, he also oozes elitism as to how he thinks the media should cover space news and seems to think that the only good space journalism is one conducted by people paid to do it. He clearly does not understand the full extent of changes underway in all aspects of news reporting – space is only a subset thereof.

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