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Personnel News

C'mon Over to NESC – but only if you are SES

By Keith Cowing
December 14, 2005

Editor’s note: Those of you who are job hunting might want to look at the more than 100 SES jobs that are open at NESC until 20 June 2006.

Reader comment: “One of the frustrating things is that many spots in the NESC are open only to GS-15/SES levels. Typically those with that grade have spent many years in service and likely moved into management positions, particularly since you aren’t going to find many SES personnel who got their SES in a technical position. So what’s the point? The longer you stay in management the more your technical skills erode in general. Seems like the real goal of NESC should be to fill slots with experienced GS-12/13/14s who still have their feet firmly planted in the technical side, not management. Shouldn’t the NESC be made up of the sharpest technical minds rather than the sharpest bureaucratic minds?”

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