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Out With The Old – In With The New?

By Keith Cowing
July 22, 2009

NASA’s Charlie Bolden Gets Verklempt, Washington Post
“[Bolden] also urged frustrated employees to consider moving on. “If you don’t wake up wanting to come to work everyday and you don’t feel proud about what you do… go in and talk to your boss,” he said. “I can promise you we’re going to help you with the transition. Even if you think we can’t survive without you, we can.”
NASA’s new leader optimistic about space flight reviews, Spaceflightnow
[Bolden:] “And my guidance from the president has been very brief, in fact, very explicit: incite inspiration in young people and the country again. I mean, it was a very simple message. He didn’t give me any specific direction about how to do that, but his challenge to me was make it the way it used to be when he was a kid. The term he used was riding on his grandfather’s shoulder as he saw the Apollo 11 astronauts, when his grandfather would hoist him up on his shoulder and watch the Apollo astronauts come in to shore after being picked up out in Hawaii. That’s my charge, to inspire kids to want to get into space and science and all that stuff again. But we can do that.”

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