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Personnel News

Scott Hubbard to Depart ARC – Pete Worden to Take Over

By Keith Cowing
December 15, 2005

Editor’s note: Word has it that Mike Griffin intends to replace ARC center director Scott Hubbard with Brig. Gen. Simon P. Worden (Ret.). Apparently, Hubbard has gotten folks at HQ annoyed by his constant defense of his workforce while HQ slashes away at life sciences (and other programs) and threatens RIFs. Pete Worden (an astronomer) is a friend of Griffin’s and has a reputation in many circles for innovative (and sometimes a little controversial and out of the box) thinking. He recently did a stint on the staff of Sen. Sam Brownback and ran the Clementine lunar mission and the DC-X Delta Clipper project. Note to Ames folks: he is not boring. Personally, I find him fascinating. Expect a formal announcement soon.

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