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SIM Slip Saves SOFIA and Other Projects

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
July 11, 2006

Editor’s note: Last Thursday, Mike Griffin announced restoration of funding for SOFIA at a public meeting of the NAC Science Committee and Subcommittees. According to someone familiar with the discussions that followed Griffin’s announcement, SOFIA will be funded by slipping SIM, which will be examined within the next Academy decadal survey, prior to proceeding to full development. While SOFIA is the most visible beneficiary, it was explained that the slippage of SIM solves problems with funding for GLAST, Kepler, JWST, and possibly HST servicing. The WISE mission will proceed, as planned.

Editor’s note: Several people in attendance noted that Griffin clearly appeared to be reading from prepared remarks. Those comments have not been posted by NASA PAO. Word has it that OMB asked NASA not to release them. Stay tuned.

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