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No ESAS-2 Needed

NASA to Review Human Spaceflight, NY Times “The expansive, multimonth technical study, still in the preliminary stages, might be similar to the Exploration Systems Architecture Study that in 2005 settled on the design of the agency’s program to return astronauts to the Moon by 2020.” Keith’s note: Forget the long-rumored, ponderous “ESAS 2” activity folks. It is not really needed. Charlie Bolden and a small team have already (quietly) put […]

  • NASA Watch
  • January 29, 2010
Mike Griffin's ESAS Architecture is Dead

Ares I: Is it on or off? Decision probably will come soon on NASA rocket, Huntsville Times. “The future of NASA seems to be in a tense hold – not unlike the delays that sometimes plague rocket launches – waiting for a presidential directive to set its future course. At stake is the Marshall Space Flight Center-managed Ares I rocket, a space shuttle replacement with its future in doubt and […]

  • NASA Watch
  • January 22, 2010